Shakai is a SME partnership that supports companies to build their brand with clients, and manage human resources aligned to business growth.


Is for SMEs and small corporate structures across Africa.


Misalignment between HR initiatives and business outcomes.


Shakai means, ‘society’, in Japanese. Inspired by the meaning of our name, Shakai aims to support business and people growth by creating a ‘lived brand value society’.

Common themes in successful SMEs, especially family-owned businesses, are their client service, agility and society created around their brand.

These strengths are incorporated in Shakai as we contribute towards growth by enhancing the power of an agile structure. We are also ‘purpose enabling’ and work with the business to collectively explore practical direction.


The above artwork is by Mcloud Simango. We felt inspired to stray away from traditional imagery and support local artists. It is fascinating that the mutli-coloured facial portraits, are made from pieces of fabric. Kindly request the artists details if you would like to contact him.

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