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As in previous versions, menus are somewhat daunting and not always intuitive. With Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, the world is your screen.


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Pinnacle Creative Pack for Studio gives you Volume 1 includes 16 DVD menus Pinnacle Game Profiler allows you to play your favorite games with any gamepad, joystick, or other type of game controller.

Neat Video provides the most accurate video noise reduction currently available. Pinnacle Studio 14 – Older versions of Pinnacle Studio Restart your PC to activate Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your Pinnacle Cart online store. Neat Video plug-in for Pinnacle Studio is designed to reduce visible noise in digital video clips.

Each content set includes an intro DVD menu and scene menu, three video titles and a group of special sound effects. Studio : Step 1 Download and install Android Studio Microsoft Visual Studio. OBS Studio Fade to black is also missing, but can be achieved by folding over a corner of a clip – provided the clip is long enough.

The preset themes now include at least some applicable to users this side of The Pond, but are still somewhat biased towards North American enthusiasts. To be fair, most of the transitions and effects can be customised, though for some reason I could not get some of them to work at all, and there are more than a few that are duplicated under different names. When deciding which transition to apply, hovering the mouse pointer over the name of the transition should give you a preview of the effect, but it is very hit and miss.

Importing movies is not without its faults. You can opt for them to be automatically broken down into more manageable clips called ‘scenes’ , either by content, date or a set length. If you choose content, you will almost certainly find that at the end of each scene there are up to a dozen frames from the front of the next scene.

These can be very irritating to remove, especially from a long movie where you might wish to move scenes around or edit them out. And while these odds and ends can be cut off one scene, there is no way to join them to another – I’m sure this was posssible in earlier versions of Studio. You can of course place these offcuts where you want them, but then if the orphan has only a few frames, you cannot add any transitions between it and the following scene.

In one instance, I separately imported three movies and elected for each of them to be broken down into scenes. This worked well for the first movie, but even though Studio was working in a discrete environment each time, the scenes displayed for the second and third movies included up to a dozen scenes from the earlier movies.

To make matters worse, some scenes from the subsequent movies were missing and had to be manually extracted. While playing back or editing individual scenes on the timeline, for reasons best known to itself, when the playback was stopped the video scrubber would often return to the start of the movie – very annoying when you are working 50 or more scenes away.

As in previous versions, menus are somewhat daunting and not always intuitive. Efforts have clearly been made to improve this area, but it just doesn’t seem to work reliably. I created a Menu and Sub-menu to offer the option to view the movie all the way through, or to select to view any of the ten chapters and be returned to the Menu each time.

This is a facility on the top of most users’ wish lists that was missing in previous versions. I set it up very carefully, and Studio did indeed place its chapter numbers and returns exactly where I had put my markers, displaying the results in the sub-menu. But when I ran a simulation of the movie, selecting ‘Play All’ it jumped to Chapter 8 the first time, then Chapter 6 the second time. Choosing the option to go to ‘Chapter Selection’ by-passed the sub-menu altogether and went randomly to any chapter it felt like.

A thorough check of my markers and the chapter numbers on the timeline showed that everything was correctly recorded, but still the menus wouldn’t function properly. At this point I gave up, saved my work, closed down Studio and went off to make a cup of tea.

When I returned, I fired up Studio, loaded the movie and, lo and behold, the menus worked perfectly. Disc burning has improved, though the interface is not so user-friendly as it used to be.

However, there was a worrying 12 minute wait for the writing of the lead-out file to complete. An earlier similarly structured 1. All in all, Studio 16 is an improvement over previous versions, and it feels more stable, if slower.

Trying to work too quickly can confuse it, but given a steady pace it gets there in the end. As others have pointed out, this is not really Pinnacle 16 but Avid 2, and there is a bit of a learning curve even for the seasoned user. There is no search facility, and twice it pointed me to options on the Studio menu bar which didn’t exist in Version For my money, the Ultimate version is not really worth the extra few pounds, but others may beg to differ.

One other very strange behaviour of Studio 16 is that, whenever it is loaded in Windows, even if it is minimised to the taskbar, it over-rides the Windows Power Settings, so that your computer and screen will not go into standby mode. And it constantly tries to connect to ‘The Cloud’, even if you have elected not to activate this facility. I wonder why?

Upgrading from Studio 12 onto a new computer I have found frustration in many places. The screen is packed with controls and adjustments but fails to get the important controls precise. Scanning the time line to drop in a new scene we dont all work from a storey line but construct a work from what film we have is imprecise and often ends with splitting a scene if care is not exercised.

The library system moving from Vista to Windows 7 I question to need for this concept frustrates with so much being listed and why do you have to choose “collapse all” – isnt it obvious!!

Try and find that transition you thought you saw earlier. But the biggest bugbare is the “Help” process – why does this go into a demostration recorded video of a generalised process. This approach had me annoyed in the beginning – to watch it more than once is demoralising – Get Rid quick please. If you are considering this try get a demonstration from a user not the sales pitch Patience and a note book is required.

One person found this helpful. I have had most earlier versions of this, always loved it, but yes they used to freeze. I have only had this one a week so am still feeling my way around the different layouts. Verdict after one week, love it up to now, loads more transitions and effects, love the flying frames etc.

Haven’t done much on it yet, just small videos to test it, if nothing goes wrong from now then yes I think its a great improvement on earlier versions. I don’t do massive films all in one go, I do lots of smaller sections and then knit them all together when making the dvd, and having had years of practice my videos are always great.

Download Trial Learn More. The Pinnacle Studio Trial is designed to give first-time users the access to explore the editing workspace and test out a few of the key features. The trial is not a full-featured version and is limited by formats and support.

Full purchase is required to experience the complete power of Pinnacle Studio. Dramatically speed up your video rendering with new optimizations for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and nVidia. Customize your workspace and set quick access points to the tools you use most. Quickly reference points of interest and drop cue points or set DVD chapter points directly in the timeline with new hotkeys, to edit on the fly. The free Pinnacle Studio trial lasts for 30 days and begins the day the software is installed.

You can unlock the complete product and convert the trial to the full version of the software during the trial period, or after the trial has expired. Pinnacle Studio is designed for Windows only. The trial version runs on all devices that meet Windows system requirements. The trial version does not include all of the features or capabilities of the full version of Pinnacle Studio.

The trial version does not include the new features in Pinnacle Studio. To explore the newest features, you will have to upgrade to the full product. Toggle navigation. Toggle navigation Pinnacle Studio. Download your Pinnacle Studio free trial Discover what Pinnacle Studio is all about and download your free day trial today. Explore the editing workspace Edit with precision across multiple tracks using powerful audio and video editing tools.


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