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「The ART of EDM in Logic Pro X」 – iPhoneアプリ | APPLION – 6 Best Logic Pro X Tutorial, Course, Training and Class Online [2021 JULY] [UPDATED]

Chapter 1 begins the exploration of Logic while examining how audio works, starting with the most basic waveform, a sine wave! Through the chapter, you will With this course you learn to create your first Logic Pro X project from scratch Learn Apple’s Logic Pro X from sflogicninja David Earl!


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You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Self publishing. Share Embed Flag. TAGS download logic ebook audio midi drum certification ebooks audiobook downloadable. You also want an ePaper? Veteran producer and composer David Nahmani uses step-by-step, project-based instructions and straightforward explanations to teach everything from basic music creation to sophisticated production techniques.

You will create both acoustic and electronic virtual drum performances using Drummer tracks with Drum Kit Designer and Drum Machine Designer. Focused lessons take you step by step through practical, real-world tasks. Lesson goals and time estimates help you plan your time. The Apple Pro Training Series is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification program.

Upon completing the course material in this guide, you can become Apple Certified by passing the Logic Pro X ユーザガイドをApple Booksから ダウンロード でき ます。. Logic Pro音源ユーザガイド. Logic Proエフェクトユーザガイド. Logic Pro、Logic Remote、MainStageの最新のアップデートについて紹介し ます。. Logic Proの新機能. Logic Proのリリースノート. Logic Remoteのリリースノート. Logic Proのプロフェッショナルコミュニティの拡大に伴い、集合的な知識も増え続けています。ユーザーグループやウェブフォーラムに参加したり、Logic Proについてのブログを読むと、様々な情報や相互サポートを活用でき ます。.

Logic User Group (英語). Logic Pro Help (英語). Logic Pro、MainStage、GarageBandにフォーカスした、最も活動的で協力的なウェブコミュニティの一つです。Logic Proについてより詳しく学べ ます。. Logic Proユーザーグループに参加して、実践的なトレーニングを受けたり知識を共有しま しょう。. Apple Logic Pro Users Group (英語). Logic Pro Users Group New York City (英語). Logic Proについて学ぶことに興味を持っているRedditユーザーに、最も人気の高いコミュニティ です。. LogicPro (英語). 異なるサウンドの要素を組み合わせたり、その要素の間でモーフィングするための刺激的な方法を紹介します。一つひとつのMorph Elementコントロールの動きやエフェクトの例を挙げながら、Alchemyのモーフィングツールと再合成ツールのクリエイティブな可能性の一部を解説し ます。.

Elemental Morphing in Alchemy (英語PDF). ループ再生をクリエイティブに変えるために使えるAlchemyのツールとテクニックを、ワークフローに沿って紹介します。プロジェクトのテンポと移調に合わせてリアルタイムでループを再生する方法を、実例とともに見ていくことができます。追加のデモではさらに踏み込んで、モジュレーションやそのほかのエフェクトを使ってループを変換する方法を紹介してい ます。. Alchemy for Creative Loop Manipulation (英語PDF). macOSは、現在の業界をリードするデベロッパが制作した数千もの音源やサウンド処理ツールにアクセスできるようにする、Audio Unitという堅牢なプラグインアーキテクチャを提供してい ます。. AIR Music Technology. Apogee Digital. Audio Damage. Audio Ease. Baby Audio. Blue Cat Audio.

Dada Life. DMG Audio. D16 Group. Fielding DSP. Future Audio Workshop. GForce Software. IK Multimedia. KSHMR Essentials. Kush Audio. KV Audio. KVR Audio. Lennar Digital. You are now ready to customize the performance. They may ask the drummer to play behind or ahead of the beat to change the feel of the groove, or to switch from the hi-hat to the ride cymbal during the chorus, or to play a drum fill in a specific location.

In Logic Pro X, editing a drummer performance is almost like giving instructions to a real drummer. In this exercise, you will play a drum region in Cycle mode as you adjust the drummer settings. Next to the presets, an XY pad with a yellow puck lets you adjust both the loudness and complexity of the drum pattern.

To undo your most recent Drummer Editor adjustment, press Command-Z. After positioning the puck, you must wait for the region to update update time var- ies depending on your computer. If you drag the puck constantly, the region will not update. As you position the puck farther to the right, the drum pattern becomes more com- plex; and as you move the puck toward the top of the pad, the drummer plays louder.

As he plays louder, he opens the hi-hat and start playing rim shots hitting the skin and the rim simultaneously for accent. You can still hear a lot of syncopation on the kick drums. The drummer now simply alternates kick and snare on every beat.

Listen to the hi-hat: It is currently playing eighth notes. The drummer is playing a fill in the middle of the region before bar 5 and another at the end before bar 9.

You should still see a fill at the end of the region. Each time you adjust a setting in the Drummer Editor, the selected region is refreshed and the drummer plays a new subtle variation. Dragging the Fills knob by a tiny amount is a quick way to refresh a region. You now have a very straightforward beat. Because the drummer plays less now, he can make the hi-hat ring a bit more. On the drum kit, the hi-hat is now dimmed, while the cymbals are highlighted in yellow. The drummer no longer plays the hi-hat, but instead plays a ride or crash cymbal in that region.

You can hear the second region in Cycle mode. The drummer is playing the ride cym- bal on every eighth note. For a more powerful chorus, you instead want him to play crash cymbals on every beat.

You now hear crash cymbals on every beat. Even for a chorus, the beat is a little too busy. You now have a simple, straightforward beat for the verse, and then the drummer switches to the crash cymbal for the busier chorus pattern. You have carefully crafted two eight-measure drum grooves: one for the verse and one for the chorus.

They are the two most important building blocks of the song that you will now start arranging. Arranging the Drum Track In this exercise, you will lay out the whole song structure and continue editing drum regions for each section, still using the two Drummer regions you edited for the verses and choruses.

Using Markers in the Arrangement Track Using the Arrangement track, you will now create arrangement markers for all the sections of your song. The global tracks open, with the Arrangement track at the top.

Also Control-click the Signature and Tempo tracks, and hide them. The Arrangement track is now closer to the regions in the workspace, making it easier to see their relationships. An eight-measure arrangement marker named Intro is created at the beginning of the song. By default, arrangement markers are eight bars long and are placed one after the other, starting from the beginning of the song.

An eight-bar marker named Chorus is created. You will now create a marker for a new intro section and insert it before the Verse and Chorus markers. A four-measure intro will be long enough, so you can resize the Intro marker before moving it.

In the workspace, the Drummer regions move along with their respective arrangement markers. As with regions in the workspace, you can Option-drag a marker to copy it. Option-drag the Verse marker to bar 21, right after the chorus. The Verse marker and the Drummer region are copied together.

The Chorus and the Drummer region are copied together. The song is taking shape. You will now finish arranging the song structure with a bridge, a chorus, and an outro section. As you place the last three markers, continue zooming out horizontally as necessary. A Verse marker is created after the last chorus. The song structure is now complete, and you can add Drummer regions to fill out the empty sections. New patterns were automatically created for each new Drummer region.

Editing the Intro Drum Performance In this exercise, you will make the drummer play the snare instead of the toms. The Drummer Editor shows its settings. Throughout this exercise you can click the Play button in the Drummer Editor to start and stop playback, or you can navigate the workspace by pressing the Spacebar Play or Stop and the Return key Go to Beginning. The toms are dimmed to indicate that they are muted. In the Intro region, the toms disappear from the top lane.

In the Intro region, snare hits appear next to the kick hits on the bottom lane. To play the kick in only the first half of the intro, followed by the kick and snare in the second half, you will cut the Intro region in two. The region is divided into two two-measure regions. When a region is divided, the drummer automatically adapts his performance, and plays a fill at the end of each new region. Notice how the crash disappears from the first beat of the following region.

Even though it is in another region, the crash is actually a part of the fill. The snare plays every beat. Now the drummer plays rim clicks at the beginning of the first Intro region, and hits the snare a few times at the end. The drums play a straightforward beat with a fill at the end. Now you will open the hi-hat to add energy to the end of the intro. The drummer plays the snare on the first eight beats, and then a basic rock pattern with a very open hi-hat adds energy.

At bar 5, a crash punctuates the fill at the end of the intro. The straightforward groove continues in the Verse section with the hi-hat a little less open to leave space to later add a singer.

Editing the Bridge Drum Performance In a song, the bridge serves to break the sequence of alternating verses and choruses. Often, the main idea of the song is exposed in the choruses, and verses help support or develop that statement. The bridge can present an alternate idea, a different point of view. For this fast, high-energy indie-rock song, a quieter bridge in which the instruments play softer will offer a refreshing dynamic contrast.

Playing softer does not mean the instru- ments have to play less, however. In fact, you will make the drums play a busier pattern during this bridge. When pressing the Spacebar to play a section, you can use Cycle mode to ensure that playback always starts at the beginning of the section. The drummer plays at the same level as in the previous sections, but he plays more here. You need to bring down his energy level. When you click the toms, the hi-hat is automatically muted.

Aside from the kick and snare, the drummer can focus on the toms, the hi-hat, or the cymbals ride and crash. Kyle is now playing sixteenth notes on the toms, which create a mysterious vibe simi- lar to tribal percussions. You will make him switch from the toms to the ride cymbal in the second half of the bridge to brighten things up. More Arranging Even More Arranging A Little Bit More Arranging Finishing Up the Arrangement The ART of EDM in Logic Pro XのiPhoneアプリランキングや、利用者のリアルな声や国内や海外のSNSやインターネットでの人気状況を分析しています。.

新作の有料便利アプリ 有料アプリ ランキング アプリ ミュージック The ART of EDM in Logic Pro X. The ART of EDM in Logic Pro X [iPhone] Nonlinear Educating Inc. The ART of EDM in Logic Pro X Nonlinear Educating Inc. iPhone iPad. の音楽アプリ 「The ART of EDM in Logic Pro X」は、Nonlinear Educating Inc.

が配信する音楽アプリです。 ミュージック 教育.

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